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friend: *is upset*
me: *tells them the perfect taylor song that fits with their situation*

@Taylorswift my grandma loves wanegbt


do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person

Anonymous: Do you think Taylor still loves me if I caught her at a bad time when I met her? She was nice to me and all but now I'm afraid that she hates me or thinks I'm weird or something and I love her so much

Hiiiii anon trust me don’t worry!! I’m sure even if she wasn’t in a good mood that day it would have made her happy to see you and talk to you and i am 100% sure she doesn’t hate you!!! And OMG you me Taylor????? (!!!!!!) Good for you!!! What was she like in person?? Xxxxxx ps sorry for the late reply i had no wifi

my friend: i met a guy
me: i just started a new tv show

Anyway, I’m gonna be off for maybe the majority of the next week so I hope you all have a great week and yeah cya!! xx

(also taylorswift pls don’t do anything too drastic ;) )

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